Decorate and Organize a bathroom sink

As you recall from a previous post, I bought the giant, glass, apothecary jar for $24 to hold my face scrub, comb and hair product. The toothbrush holder was $4 at Target and I put one of my face serums in one of the toothbrush holes, my toothbrush in another and my razor in the third. Then the toothpaste tube goes in the longer opening designed for it.

That left Hubby’s side. I bought 2 soap dispensers from Target, on sale, for $9 each, fairly expensive compared to the value I’m used to seeking. But I needed something blue to match the bathroom and gorgeous enough to last until we save up the money to redo the bathroom (years). He got one for his mouthwash and one for his rubbing alcohol which he uses as an aftershave. That left the comb lying around so I popped it in a $1 vase/cup that we had bought to hold flowers as centerpieces at our wedding.

There, clutter free countertop, functional storage and pretty!

decorate and organize bathroom sink

decorate and organize bathroom sink

I should mention the soap dish, ceramic and on sale from Avon. And the aqua cotton ball/Q-tip holder $7 from


Blue and Brown small bathroom decor

There are four bathrooms in our new house and they all need to be made to look pretty. They’ll be a work in progress because I’m not in the mood to spend money for nice hardware and fixtures, then energy to repair the walls under the current towel racks, after just having moved a complete household.

The bathrooms are robin egg blue and dark brown and the two colours do go together so I could go with blue accents or brown accents. I decided on blue and white just to make the space cheerier.


small bathroom before

small bathroom before

small bathroom before

small bathroom before

small bathroom stand decor

small bathroom storage

small bathroom storage

small bathroom sink storage

small bathroom sink storage

How I did it

I already owned the blue garbage can ($1 Dollar store), the white leaf tray ($1) and the dark metal storage unit for above the toilet ($80 at Zellers 8 years ago) but we had to buy everything else.

Three drawer plastic storage unit in between shower and toilet- $15 (waited for a sale)

Floor to ceiling spring loaded shower corner shelves- $70 because there are absolutely no shelves or nooks in the stand up shower for shampoo and soap.

Giant, glass, apothecary jar on the sink that I tossed all my face wash and hair goo into- $20

Blue, plastic container for cotton balls and cotton swabs- $8

Tray on top of toilet- $3

4 little blue, glass vases- $7

Glass fishbowl- $8

White toothbrush holder- $2. It has 2 holes for toothbrushes so I put my tube of concealer in that second hole.

Lily fake flowers- $6

Orchid fake flowers- $2

Brown vase for lilies- $8 (80% off)

The towels, although cheap, were still about- $70. We only bought them as a stop gap because our regular towels are now too old and starting to disintegrate beyond my ability to repair, but really, I want very plush and expensive towels eventually.

How to get more toothpaste out of an “empty” toothpaste tube

The toothpastes were saved!

how to squeeze more toothpaste out of your tube

how to squeeze more toothpaste out of your tube

Place tube on flat surface. Hold down at the end with one hand. In the other hand hold a solid object and squeeze the paste towards the top of the tube.
to keep the reclaimed toothpaste accessible

to keep the reclaimed toothpaste accessible

Fold the empty bits up and tape in place so the paste can’t escape.

Organize bathroom countertop for free …or one cheap plate

Organized! (After)

organized bathroom counter top, functional for a family with toddlers

organized bathroom counter top, functional for a family with toddlers

The cheap plate I’m referring to in the title is on the lower left corner of the counter top. Sadly, I did not already own this somewhere in my “it might come in handy” collection and I did have to buy it. I got 6 of them from Avon for $6.99. I’ve got another one on the kitchen sink to hold all the brushes and sink plug, but that’s another story.

this is what we've got to work with/against

this is what we’ve got to work with/against

“Holy toothpaste Batman, what happened here?!?”

The two washcloths in the painted clay pot went into the washcloth basket, a little to the right and out of sight of the photo but on top of the toilet and right beside the shower. These cloths were for the wee one’s faces, but why should they be special? Their face cloths can go with the rest of them.

The clay pot was removed to a display ledge at the top of the stairs to hold and hide the extra strong moisturizing cream my kids need. If I see it front and center after I’ve left their rooms to kiss them goodnight, then I remember to come back and hydrate them.

I added my second crochet box.

The soap came out of the cheap appetizer dish I bought at a super sale at Zellers 10 years ago (it’s been coming in handy ever since. I knew it would when I bought it or I wouldn’t have spent the money) and into an actual soap dish. That soap dish used to be for the bar of soap in the kitchen, but that bar disintegrated into shards and got turned into liquid soap in a pump dispenser.

Well, you know what the two crochet boxes are for.

The kids’ toothbrushes and special fluoride free toothpaste were put on the cheap appetizer dish on the other side of the sink from my toothbrush and paste. That way they won’t “accidentally” play with my toothpaste.

I reclaimed toothpaste for Hubby and myself using this technique

The four toothpastes in the bulk pack that Hubby put on the counter were put away. Not “oh shit, where can I cram these?” away, but “THEY FREAKIN’ BELONG IN THE TOWEL CLOSET, THE LITERAL WALL THEY ARE LEANING UP AGAINST” away.

Hubby’s sampling of deodorants went onto the cheap plate along with his broken mug toothbrush holder. I removed the travel size mouthwash bottle from the mug and put it in his travel bag (in the towel closet, we each have our own shelf to boot!). This made space for his toothpaste tube in the mug.

The mouthwash. I bought these 3 little glass apothecary bottles when I was 13 and going to yard sales on my bicycle. I loved them, so medieval potion like. They’ve been useful over the years, holding beads, home dried herbs, but they’ve never been so prominent like they deserve. And they’re labeled “mouthwash”.

I updated a mini-flower vase cup with glue and food colouring to become my toothbrush holder: how to

I just heard one of my “napping” kids go pee and exclaim “ooooh” at the nice, organized counter top. They can still brush their teeth all by themselves, Hubby doesn’t have to wonder where all his stuff is, he can still dump it exactly where he found it. It isn’t a dream bathroom for adults only (yet). But it sure is nice!

Repurpose coffee mugs

One of the things I am really looking forward to as a mother is starting my collection of “#1 Mom” coffee mugs. Since my kids are still too young to buy me Mothers’ Day gifts, I bought myself this angel mug:

Sadly my son got a hold of it one day and that resulted in the three chips in the top rim. Nonplussed I moved it to the bedroom dresser to hold my makeup brushes. Powder brush on the left, to add a light dusting of bronzing powder to the face to warm up the complexion; blush brush (both from mark. Technically I sell the stuff, but mostly I just buy it) on the right to delicately place blush on the apples of my cheeks. Honestly, I am surprised by how essential these brushes are to the whole made up effect. I bought a kabuki brush too, but it’s not actually good for anything.

Yes my brush cup is resting on a hand towel but my sister monogrammed it with my initial and some fantasy dragons. This way it’s getting used but not dirty.

Hubby had a green, funny face coffee mug that our son (again) dropped on the floor and the handle broke off. I relocated the cup Hubby didn’t want to throw away to the bathroom to hold his toothbrush and toothpaste.

I grew a delicate orchid in a bunny shaped mug (those things are so hard to CLEAN).

We’ve got a promotional NSCC travel coffee mug on our little kitchen island to hold the drinking straws for the kids.

There’s an ugly mug on the computer table to hold the pens and pencils.

Extra glasses make excellent impromptu flower vases.

If you don’t care about the mug breaking, put bubble mix in it and send the kids outside to blow bubbles. They may start digging with the cups after.

Grow a herb garden on a kitchen window sill.

The kids like to snack on marshmallows occasionally so I put a bunch in an insulated, travel, coffee mug with lid on the island counter beside the straws. Then I printed a picture of a marshmallow to tape to the container so they’d know what’s in it.

If you don’t have little ones or husbands who’ll eat the whole lot, put tasty candies in a mug on a coffee table.

Stuff the Christmas stockings with dental hygiene

dental hygiene for Christmas

dental hygiene for Christmas

It just happened to be “buy everyone a new toothbrush” day yesterday in our house which reminded me that my grandfather always used to buy everyone a new toothbrush and generous toothpaste supply for their stockings at Christmas and I think it’s a really good tradition to continue.  I’m already known as the soap lady in my family because I always give what I consider to be exceedingly useful gifts for Christmas, which began with the year I got everyone soap.  The following year I made everyone laundry detergent and gave them boxes of SOS scouring pads.  And so it continued.

I’ve already got my Christmas shopping done for this year, so the toothbrush idea will be stored for a Christmas future.  Meanwhile, you can benefit from this great idea, and if you’re in Canada, go to and stock up.  There are no shipping costs within Canada and they deliver to your door.  Yes, that’s where I got our new toothbrushes and I must say, as I get older and learn to identify things that annoy me, that through complete serendipity, I bought some awesome ones.  They were on sale, which is why I picked them, but they have smooth, rounded, clear plastic heads and this makes them glide in your mouth better, without bashing into the back of your jaw.  Bet you didn’t know that was annoying you too!

All the old toothbrushes got demoted to cleaning brushes, to replace the previous occupants of those posts.  There’s one for the bathroom, one for the dishes and one for the laundry stains.

Get toothpaste, fluoride free for really young kids who still swallow the toothpaste, floss (the really expensive, high tech, convenient kind.  It is Christmas after all, it should still be a “spoil you” present.), toothpaste and mouthwash for a complete dental stocking experience.