About my profile name, sedrate organizes

In case you were wondering, I have tried to meld my two loves into one so I could have one easy to manage blog and not two. That’s my nature, being efficient. It is also the nature of the erythrocyte, the red blood cell of the body, to be efficient.

My primary profession is working in the hospital lab. I’m also a mother and professional organizer. In the lab, there is a test called the Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, or sedrate for short. It’s a very simple, easy and inexpensive test that can tell you so much.

Basically you put the blood sample in a long, skinny tube with an anticoagulant. The tube is marked in millimeters and we time how far the blood settles in one hour. If if settles very low and very fast, then the cells are too heavy which is an indication of several diseases. If the blood hardly moves at all that means other problems. This test is an easy way to reduce the number of potential problems with the patient to a few and help the medical professional determine what to test for next. The sedrate reduces waste in the lab by pointing the doctor in the right direction for further testing rather than the doctor testing for everything blindly, all at once. Efficiency, ladies and gentlemen.

As an Organizer, I want people to enjoy their lives and I believe this starts at the root, with the home decluttered and organized. If you have less, then you know everything you have. You don’t waste time looking for something you might have. You don’t spend hours rifling through paperwork. You don’t buy things you already have…somewhere. You use what you have, you enjoy what you have and you have the time for meaningful pursuits because you’re not tripping over crap.

Like the sedrate, the organized home tells us a lot about its owner, the direction they travel in or want to travel in. If you are organized then you know what you want and don’t waste your time and money trying to figure out what to do next. You are having fun.


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