diy sprinkler

The weather is warming up, every so f-cking slowly, and we’ve entered the “water play sometimes” phase of the seasons. I wanted a fun sprinkler for the kids to play with but not something so huge that they’d get soaked. Heck, they’re going to get soaked no matter what I try so who cares?.

I finished my B Vitamins supplements so I drilled a bunch of holes in the empty pill bottle. I fastened it to the hose with duct tape, which is actually what it’s for. I amused the kids by telling them to watch it, once they’d turned the water on it would turn into a “pisseuse” (a pisser). It’s the proper Montreal term for it so they might as well learn.

pill bottle sprinkler spray

pill bottle sprinkler spray

That’s my son enjoying the spray from my diy sprinkler.

pill bottle sprinkler

pill bottle sprinkler

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