Reuse plastic bottle – Pikachu

My daughter’s hair detangler spray comes in a yellow bottle, once you peel the cherry label off, and how can I not reuse an empty yellow bottle? I don’t even need to paint it!

Who is yellow that I know of and would make my kids happy? Pikachu! I decided to google an image of Pikachu and draw it onto the bottle. Hubby pointed out that my drawing skills suck ass and that I should make a stencil or template instead. He’s right of course.

I googled “Pikachu black and white” and printed out one that I liked. I laid a piece of parchment paper (wax paper works too) over the print and drew Pikachu with a permanent black marker. Then I cut out the parchment Pikachu and taped him to the yellow bottle.

I took a warm/hot iron and ironed over the marker drawing of Pikachu. A faded outline of it transferred to the bottle which was just enough for me to retrace it with the permanent marker. Hubby approved and my son is thrilled.

Now we wait for the next yellow bottle of detangler to be empty so I can make one for my daughter.

reuse plastic bottle

reuse plastic bottle


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