Style candle

I was feeling oppressed by running into a metaphysical wall of clutter. I wanted to organize something, badly, obviously because I didn’t feel organized and wanted to be in control. I decided to unpack the storage box of “stuff” Hubby pulled out a few days ago.

Feeling oppressed makes me angry and angry makes me fill a garbage bag so I knew I’d be on a roll once I got going. Then future me would thank present me for having finally been so ruthless and clearing a few things up. So I threw out a scrapbook mini-album I’d made 4 years ago and never used, a board game we played once, a college poster and some cheap hex keys that came with a piece of furniture, etc.

In the end, I found a candle and decided it might as well be useful rather than stay in a box. I dressed it up with a ribbon and a circle of cardstock, then added it to a small side table in the living room.

candle, card stock circle, ribbon

candle, card stock circle, ribbon

style candle

style candle


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