Upcycle mirror for little girl

My father in law left this little round shaving mirror behind during one of his visits and while I tried, I never could find a space or a use for it. Now that my daughter has a wee vanity table of her own to hold her body lotion in this incredibly dry winter air, I decided to give it to her. The “mirror” that comes on this novelty “Rapunzel” vanity is basically a reflective piece of paper, so not a real mirror after all.

plain 'ol 6 inch mirror

plain ‘ol 6 inch mirror

upcycle mirror

upcycle mirror

I used multipurpose paint; glass, ceramic, International Space Station, whatever, and drew some flowers. Because that’s pretty much the only girly thing I can draw and my daughter picked the colours. Now she can apply her “rainbows, lipz and poudz” in her own room (eyeshadow rainbows, lipstick lipz, and blush poudz from the French word “poudre” for powder).


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