Easy DIY bed canopy

This is more of an emergency canopy, for when your daughter absolutely needs something girly and you can’t go to the store to get dowels and hooks.

For this you will need:

single or double sheet in appropriate colour and motif (Tinkerbell in this case)
1 large binder clip
1 large broccoli elastic
1 large safety pin
1 large 3M Command hook (or regular wall hook that needs a drill, but I shied away from that because at some point this summer I’m going to make her a proper canopy with wood and power tools and everything).

What to do:

Fold sheet in half along the long way. Place folded edge on your right and open edge on your left.
Gather a handful of sheet from the corner of the folded edge and wrapped it tightly with the elastic.

diy bed canopy from single sheet

diy bed canopy from single sheet

Arrows point to open edge, circles point to elastic and binder clip.

Use the binder clip to pinch up as much of the fabric as possible.
Stick Command Hook to the wall, about an inch down from the ceiling (so you can remove it again later)
Wait an hour for the Command Hook to set.
Hook the binder clip onto the Command hook.

Use safety pin the pin the top corner open edge shut. This will give it a more closed canopy appearance.
Wrap the sheet around the bed and tuck under the mattress. This is where a double sheet would give you more of a wrap around canopy effect, but Tinkerbell is as Tinkerbell does.

diy bed canopy from single sheet

diy bed canopy from single sheet

You could sew (or safety pin) a dowel along the very top edge then use a string to hold it to the Command hook and this would further extend the reach of the canopy.


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