Upcyle tutu into ballet bag

There is a long history for this tutu. tutu to bag (5)First, it was was mine when I was 6, for my first ballet performance. I remember being measured for it and not knowing what all the fuss was about until I wore it and thought I was the principal dancer for Swan Lake. I think my mother made it, or one of the other ballet moms.

Anyway, I outgrew it (duh). I saved it because it was so beautiful. Then about 20 years later I had my daughter and I promptly put it in her closet. It turns out that she loves ballet more than me and wore the tutu faithfully for everything. Including lunch! It got stains that it never should have gotten, but it was being worn and being loved so I did my best at chemical stain removal.

Today was the sad day that the tutu no longer fit her. I thought of saving it for a granddaughter but quite honestly the fabric might not last that long. Inspired by the gorgeous and intricate ballet bags that the other girls in her class have (made my grandmothers), and by Pinterest, I turned this tutu into a bag.
tutu to bag (4)First I sewed the tutu shut at the bottom, this meant spreading the tulle to find the lowest edge of the blue fabric.

beware how the handles fold

beware how the handles fold

Then I added handles to the tutu front and back. In my case, the tutu is higher in the front than the back so the forward strap had to be shorter so both straps would be even. Pay attention to how the straps are folded since one goes across the front and one goes across the back. You could make them shorter to be a purse-like bag, but I went long for stability and security for my somewhat clumsy 5 year old.
upcycle tutu into bag

upcycle tutu into bag


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