Decorate and Organize a bathroom sink

As you recall from a previous post, I bought the giant, glass, apothecary jar for $24 to hold my face scrub, comb and hair product. The toothbrush holder was $4 at Target and I put one of my face serums in one of the toothbrush holes, my toothbrush in another and my razor in the third. Then the toothpaste tube goes in the longer opening designed for it.

That left Hubby’s side. I bought 2 soap dispensers from Target, on sale, for $9 each, fairly expensive compared to the value I’m used to seeking. But I needed something blue to match the bathroom and gorgeous enough to last until we save up the money to redo the bathroom (years). He got one for his mouthwash and one for his rubbing alcohol which he uses as an aftershave. That left the comb lying around so I popped it in a $1 vase/cup that we had bought to hold flowers as centerpieces at our wedding.

There, clutter free countertop, functional storage and pretty!

decorate and organize bathroom sink

decorate and organize bathroom sink

I should mention the soap dish, ceramic and on sale from Avon. And the aqua cotton ball/Q-tip holder $7 from


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