Organize under your kitchen sink

Mine wasn’t that bad, mostly because we don’t own that much for cleaning supplies and I store the bathroom cleaning stuff in the bathroom. Still, there’s always room for improvement, mostly to make everything easier to see and reach.under kitchen sink before

organized under kitchen sink

organized under kitchen sink

The pink thing is a plastic bin that came with the house we owned 2 houses ago. One house ago I painted it pink for my pink and green laundry room redo. In this house it’s been in the garage since we moved in. I drilled and screwed two large L-brackets into the cupboard wall, taking care not to drill straight through to the other side, then measured the holes of the brackets that extended under the pink bin so I could drill a hole in the bin and screw-and-bolt-it to the L-brackets. It sounds complicated but the worst part was finding screws and a drill bit that were the same size.

I put the white kitchen bin bag roll in a plastic basket ($2 Dollar Store- my only purchase for this upgrade) as well as the roll of garbage bags.

The SOS pads went into the pink bin.

I used one 3M Command hook and one screw-in hook (again, don’t drill through the door) to hold the kitchen gloves and microfiber cloth on curtain hooks. Those curtain hooks are on of the greatest inventions ever. It’s a circle that will fit on most curtain rods (or hooks) and it has a pincer attached to grab the curtain, or dish gloves.

You could also use a binder clip instead of a curtain pincer.

for hanging things, not just paper

for hanging things, not just paper

The rest was placed just so, so I could see everything I had under there.


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