How to style a mantel piece

You don’t need to buy anything, just rearrange the things you have.mantel pieceOk, so I did buy these white vases at the dollar store, they’re woven/painted bamboo (or so says the label), and I added some branches that had fallen off my trees. I got them because of the height difference between the vases and the filler pieces.

how to style a mantel piece

how to style a mantel piece

Usually your centerpiece would be much larger, hanging or leaning on the mantel, but a smaller piece works just as well and I compensated by getting really large vases.

PS- Yes, those are model skeletons, one with innards. We are very into human anatomy in this house and the kids can name several bones of the body as well as all the organs. In both official Canadian languages. The day my kids discover chemistry something will be blown up or melted for sure.

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