Free diy picture frame for long, narrow bathroom

There is a big, giant, bare wall in the main floor bathroom that is just begging for renovation or decent artwork. We do plan to redo the bathroom, but it’s on our 5 year plan, possibly even 10 year plan. In the meantime, I made this.

free diy art frame for rotating artwork

free diy art frame for rotating artwork

free frame for rotating art

free frame for rotating art

I went outside and collected dry branches and twigs that had fallen from my trees. You could do the same in a park if you didn’t have trees in your backyard. I made sure they were good and dead and therefore dry before more or less measuring them to make a frame. I did have to cut to fit, then tied the pieces together at the joins with appropriately coloured brown yarn. I added a small glob of hot glue under the ties just to make sure a branch didn’t slip out.

I measured 50 cm down from my ceiling, centering this frame with the mirror already in the bathroom. I nailed in two not excessively long nails more or less a quarter of a way in from the frame edge on each side. I set the frame on top of these 2 nails (the branches aren’t heavy so two nails is sufficient to hold this frame up).

I don’t have any marvelous works of art to display inside this giant frame (giant wall = giant frame) but I do have some postcards my dad has been sending me from Europe. He sends them with the intention to brighten my day and they do. I had them leaning up against my books in the bookcase but framing them is much better. To fill in the extra space I added paper fish that the kids had made.

The great part about this project is that it won’t be straight and that’s ok! When in doubt, go with a nature theme. The end result of this project is a busy wall, but it was so plain, huge and boring that it needed busy and now it looks so much better. Plus my daughter helped to hold the nails and offered an opinion about placement so it was a bonding moment as well.

There will be plenty more “bathroom update” posts in the future (hopefully near future) and the reason for that is that this new house HAS 4 FUCKING BATHROOMS. AND THEY ALL NEED WORK.


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