Upcycle flower vase

Glass vase thing- Target- $0.99 on sale
Flowers – Dollar Store $1.50
Tiara Ballet recital free (-ish. The costume fee was included in the registration fee).

My daughter and I were going through decorating magazines, circling all the things we liked (not that much really). 99% of what she liked were pink flowers in vases. Lucky for her I’d been to the Dollar Store this morning and happened to find some not tacky artificial flowers that were pink.

The mini glass vase was bought at Target on sale for $0.99 and the tiara came with her Christmas ballet performance costume. Since it was a cheap tiara, the hair holding prongs were falling off. With a pair of pliers I cut off the rest, then removed the bar across the tiara to supposedly hold them in place. With a pair of needlenose pliers I bent the outside bands of the tiara around the glass vase and hot glued them in place.

I artfully put in the Dollar Store flowers, having cut them from their wire stem with the pliers, and voilà; a pretty, blinged out vase with pink flowers, just like my daughter likes.

diy bling flower vase with pink artificial flowers

diy bling flower vase with pink artificial flowers


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