Labeling a plethora of eye makeup brushes and mark. Eye dream of glam ultimate eye shadow palette

I recently bought the gigantic eye shadow palette from mark. Avon and it’s amazing. I don’t think you’d ever need another palette. Until of course they stop making it. Anywho, the colours are all perfect for everybody, don’t require blending, shading, shaping or whatever and you still look like you spent hours on your makeup. You can blend of course if you are of that mind set, or your daughter needs to look like Elsa for her ballet recital.

Because there are a lot of colours, and I have been experimenting with eye shadow for a few years, I have a lot of brushes. In order to know which goes with what, I labeled them with nail polish. A pink swatch of polish on the brush for pink eyeshadow, a “L” on the brush for other light colours, a “dark” label on the other brush, “blending” written on the Avon eyeshadow brush which totally sucks as an eyeshadow brush and is only good for blending. Etc.

I also wrote a little colour note like “brown-pink” or “great blue” beside each colour so I could remember which was which and wear appropriately depending on my mood.

You can even wear the blackish colour all over your lids with nothing else and it looks good. How cool is that!?

I've got way more brushes, but you get the idea.

I’ve got way more brushes, but you get the idea.

labeled sponge brush too

labeled sponge brush too


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