Blind cord safety

The house we bought came with blinds on all the windows. I hate blinds. For one, they’re a fucking strangulation hazard and I live in constant mortal terror of my children discovering that fact; and two, they’re ugly. But more importantly, number one. And sure enough, one lunch time I hear “Hey brother, look at this!” and I come out to the dining room to see my daughter with the cord wrapped around her neck while her brother wraps another around his. I had a cow. A herd of cows, horns and all.

They were banished to their rooms while I sobbed and taped every single cord to the ceiling with packing tape. We lived in the dark for almost a month. I also explained as graphically as possible what happens when you strangle yourself: no more Mommy and Daddy, no more toys, no more school or friends or swimming or dancing, no more NOTHING and you’ll make Mommy cry until the day she dies. To make extra sure they were familiar with the death concept, I took the teddy bear each of them loved the least and decapitated it with a pair of scissors in front of their very eyes.  They sobbed and begged me not to do it but as much as it hurt my heart I made myself press on because it’s for their own safety. 

Then I got this 3M command hook idea.

top arrow: command hook bottom arrow:  came with the house

top arrow: command hook
bottom arrow: came with the house

The window frame came with these little wrap around hook things, but it gets annoying to wrap up 5 cords every day and unwrap every evening. And by annoying I mean that Hubby won’t do it at all and it’s all on me if I want any natural light in the house. So I added an extra hook so winding the cord high above the children’s reach is a lot faster and easier.


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