Blue and Brown small bathroom decor

There are four bathrooms in our new house and they all need to be made to look pretty. They’ll be a work in progress because I’m not in the mood to spend money for nice hardware and fixtures, then energy to repair the walls under the current towel racks, after just having moved a complete household.

The bathrooms are robin egg blue and dark brown and the two colours do go together so I could go with blue accents or brown accents. I decided on blue and white just to make the space cheerier.


small bathroom before

small bathroom before

small bathroom before

small bathroom before

small bathroom stand decor

small bathroom storage

small bathroom storage

small bathroom sink storage

small bathroom sink storage

How I did it

I already owned the blue garbage can ($1 Dollar store), the white leaf tray ($1) and the dark metal storage unit for above the toilet ($80 at Zellers 8 years ago) but we had to buy everything else.

Three drawer plastic storage unit in between shower and toilet- $15 (waited for a sale)

Floor to ceiling spring loaded shower corner shelves- $70 because there are absolutely no shelves or nooks in the stand up shower for shampoo and soap.

Giant, glass, apothecary jar on the sink that I tossed all my face wash and hair goo into- $20

Blue, plastic container for cotton balls and cotton swabs- $8

Tray on top of toilet- $3

4 little blue, glass vases- $7

Glass fishbowl- $8

White toothbrush holder- $2. It has 2 holes for toothbrushes so I put my tube of concealer in that second hole.

Lily fake flowers- $6

Orchid fake flowers- $2

Brown vase for lilies- $8 (80% off)

The towels, although cheap, were still about- $70. We only bought them as a stop gap because our regular towels are now too old and starting to disintegrate beyond my ability to repair, but really, I want very plush and expensive towels eventually.


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