DIY infinity scarf

I got the idea to do this while I was checking out the new mark. Avon catalogue and it contained an infinity scarf for the season. The thing has a flower motif and I don’t wear flower stuff except for the dandelions and clovers that my kids pick for me. Those I put in my hair.

I have also been having difficulty this year with my décolleté skin: it burns. A nice infinity scarf, looped over this delicate area from my clavicles to my shirt would solve all my problems. Plus I’d have an extra accessory.

I began with a blue scarf I already owned.

diy infinity scarf

diy infinity scarf

Making sure to keep the scarf from getting twisted, I circled the scarf back on itself about a foot and sewed it together at the two red lines.

wear instructions

wear instructions

Place scarf around neck, twist in middle and loop second circle over head.

the full coverage

the full coverage

Adjust both circles as desired. This is the “protect my chest from the sun” setup.

the slightly looped

the slightly looped

This infinity scarf will also protect the back of your neck if you’re gardening.


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