Girl’s hair style for straight, slippery hair

My daughter has pin straight, black, shiny, perfect but slippery hair. Mine was a bit wavy when I was a toddler, then straight until I hit grade 4 and it sprung up into corkscrews. I figure her hair will do the same thing in few years and I can teach her everything I know about managing and showing off curly hair.

Until then, I have to learn how to style straight hair so I can keep it out of her face, eyes and food. A friend had the magic touch of being able to French braid her OWN hair so she showed me how to do my daughters. The problem is that her hair is so squeaky awesome that it slides right out of a braid.

So off to youtube.

It takes me 5-10 minutes to do her hair like this, the extra time comes from her wiggling. I’ve settled on putting three joined ponytails on each side, or two if I’m in a hurry. I sometimes use the same technique on the top of her head, making a sort of French braid out of mini, joined ponytails. This is not as successful as doing 3 on each side.

This is how it looks on her. My daughter has more hair than the girl in the video so I start the little ponytails closer to her face.

girl's hair style for straight hair

girl’s hair style for straight hair

There are four ponytails on each side in this picture but I have since downgraded to 3.


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