Cleaned out inbox

I cleaned out my emails last night and now have 3 emails in my inbox. That’s it.

I’d been meaning to do this virtual chore for over a year, basically since we moved, and I’ve been putting it off for just as long because, ug, this is boring and takes forever.

Not if you adopt the “I haven’t cared for a year so I definitely don’t care now” attitude.

I clicked “select all” and “delete”. I kept the email of my best friend’s wedding, another I received that day that I need to reply to, and the confirmation email for my seed order. The remaining 500 or so just disappeared. No more agonizing over what to keep then never look at again, just delete.


2 responses

  1. I need to do that too! The number of emails keeps creeping up. Sometimes I look up the word “unsubscribe” and it will pull up all the store/marketing emails and I unsubscribe. In order to get coupons, I send them my email and then I forget to unsubscribe. Thanks for the reminder!

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