DIY workout shorts from old pyjamas

From time to time I get my husband to check my form when I’m practicing my ballet at home. He doesn’t mind. But he did point out that I’m always hiking up my pants so we can make sure my leg is straight so why don’t I just buy a pair of yoga shorts or something?

Good point.

Getting into ballet tights is a workout reserved for my actual lessons, at home I just wear my pj’s and roll them up but they can still get in the way of a good sauté or changement. I took Hubby’s suggestion and combined it with the pair of pj pants that’s getting a bit worn out and voilà, ballet shorts and two shoe bags.

DIY ballet shorts from old pajamas

DIY ballet shorts from old pajamas

If you’re a woman making shorts out of pants, you have to cut the legs off in this “V” pattern. Maybe it’s the same for men, I don’t know.

These will be fairly short shorts, for indoor use only (I’m sure Hubby will be glad to check my turn out and make sure my leg is straight dégagé derrière).

Lay the pants flat with the waist together.

Measure from the bottom of the leg to an inch lower than how long you want your shorts and mark a “V” line with chalk. Do the same, at the same height, on the other side, completing the “V”. The inch is for the hem.

Fold over hem, iron in place and sew.

Shoe bags
Turn cut leg inside out and sew raw edge shut.
Turn right side out and insert sandals bought for friend’s summer wedding.


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