Label and date makeup for health and safety

Now is as good a time as any for makeup spring cleaning. Basically Avon has Christmas sales on makeup which made me realize just how old my current makeup is. Once opened, makeup has a shelf life after which bacteria, molds and fungi can breed in your makeup. This is also why you wash your makeup brushes. No need to have dirt kicking about to cause acne etc.

Bacteria gets introduced into your product from dirty hands, wet hands, brushes picking up bacteria from your face (there’s a natural flora there, but if the balance is upset they become opportunistic infections) and going back in the makeup pan. Products can simply degrade over time due to temperature or light or a 3 year old finding them.

Here are the “trash by” dates for makeup from Allure magazine.

Mascara 3 months once opened
Liquid foundation 6-12 months
Concealer liquid 1 year
Concealer solid/powder up to 2 years
Face powder up to 2 years, depending on water content
Blush up to 2 years if you keep your blush brush clean
Cream blush 1 year
Eye shadow, cream and powder, every 3 months
Eye liner every 3 months
Lipstick 1 year
Lip gloss 1 year
Nail polish good until it breaks down and has no colour
Tools wash every 2 weeks with mild shampoo and store upright for good air flow to dry them

Obviously if anything smells funky, turns a funky colour, or suddenly gives you a rash; throw it out.

I had pink eye two years ago and had to throw out all my makeup and start over. GRRR. This time I’m doing it because my collection has expired. Too bad too, because it took about 2 years to get all the right colours and formulations for my personal self. Naturally, in that time, Avon stopped making that blush etc so I’ve got to start all over. At least I’ve learned a few things about colour in the meantime so this shouldn’t hurt too much.

And one more reason to keep your makeup clean, in my case, I let my daughter do her makeup with my stuff so I want her skin and eyes staying pristine. I’ve already scoured the ingredient lists, only buying the ones I approve of so I don’t want anything contaminated with bacteria.

label and date makeup for health and safety

label and date makeup for health and safety

This is my cream eyeshadow tray. First, with a toothpick and nail polish, I wrote the colour on each pot lid. There are correspondingly labeled brushes to go with them. Then I used my label maker to print the purchase date and stick that on the lid too, in this case Oct 2013.

This means I need to buy the new Mark. Clutch and Go palette to replace my eyeshadow by December-mid January (can’t remember exactly when in October I bought these).

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