Knit resistance and fidget toy free pattern

When my son gets anxious, he starts chewing on his hands in a damaging way so I needed to come up with a “hand-y” alternative. Here’s what I knit.

fidget and chewing toy

fidget and chewing toy

It’s a simple knit 5 sts I-cord that I looped over on both ends and sewed in this shape.

When I designed this, my thoughts were that he could grab each end and pull it (it has some stretch) to fidget with it and then chew on the bridge portion when he was getting anxious. What he did was slip both ends over his wrists like handcuffs and pull his arms apart from each other, sort of like a calisthenic exercise. And he chewed on the middle.

He was so delighted with his new gizmo that he ordered me to make one for his sister so she could be as happy as he was. I said, I don’t think she’ll get the same bang out of it that you do. She didn’t even deign to look up at me. She likes her jewellery sparkling.


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