DIY birdfeeder from empty Lysol wipes container

Taking the advice of my favourite gardening blogger and the fact that it’s Saturday and the kids are home from school, I decided that we would make a bird feeder and watering station.

reuse lysol wipes container birdfeeder

reuse lysol wipes container birdfeeder

This is the fence post where I decided to put the feeder. It’s far away enough from the house not to scare the birds and far away enough from the road where that stupid cat wanders.
where the birdfeeder will go

where the birdfeeder will go

Start with an empty and washed wipes container. Peel off the label. You’ll have to soak it in water for that.
materials.  the red thing is for the next blog

materials. the red thing is for the next blog

I cut a circle out of the bottom a bit smaller than the fence post diameter so the birdfeeder would pop snugly over the post and the seeds wouldn’t fall through any cracks. I used a hole punch to put a hole under each cut opening and hot glued a piece of a wooden skewer in the hole for the birds to perch on.
cut out circles marked in blue

cut out circles marked in blue

I cut a hole in the lid of the container so when I need to refill it I just pop the lid cover open and pour in the seeds.


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  2. I would never recommend recycling any harsh chemical plastic containers for reuse purposes, aside recycling them at the recycling center. Harsh chemical containers include: clorox, lysol, windex, fabreez, or generic brands. I would rather recommend using a gallon milk container instead.

    • Actually the plastic on the Lysol container is HDPE #2 (high density polyethylene) which is non porous so the lysol chemicals won’t leech into the plastic. FYI, milk jugs are also made of HDPE #2 plastic. But you’re right, it’s always good to check.

    • Do you have an article on how to make one from a gallon milk container? I also thought the chemical ones wouldn’t be ideal. Plus since I never buy those chemical wipes, I don’t have any containers like that. I use plain baking soda & water to clean, or just plain water. I only have milk jugs because my husband drinks milk.

  3. I really like the idea of making a free bird feeder, and was wanting some for our garden. I don’t have containers like these but it gives me an idea of other containers. I wonder if raccoons and squirrels will be getting that one since it looks pretty easy to access.

    • I don’t have a link to a milk carton bird feeder but if you punch it into Google I’m sure you’d find a hundred. Probably hanging from a high branch in a tree is a better idea but I don’t have a tree. I’m right in the heart of the city and Roxie the dog across the backyards is the best guard dog ever so we don’t have racoons or squirrels! You could also make your own soap for cleaning, my mother did that my whole life. I had no idea that people bought soap until the stash she gave me ran out in university.

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