DIY felt magic wands

use felt and a pencil

use felt and a pencil

I bought this felt at Michael’s. It’s a super recycled plastic thing probably made of old automobile tires, but that makes it really cheap which is perfect for my prone-to-destruction kids.

Find a star template on google, the one I got had three sizes printed on the same sheet.

Cut out the stars and trace them on the felt, 1 big one, 2 medium ones and 2 small ones.

Place a medium and a small on the big star and sew in place, following the outline of the smallest star. Be sure to leave a small gap at the bottom to slide the pencil into.

Turn star over.

Put medium and small star on the other side of the big one and sew them in place, making sure to leave a gap at the same bottom as the other side for the pencil.

I used a different colour thread for my bobbin, just to add visual interest to the star when I flipped it over and sewed the other side.

Coat a pencil with hot glue and ram it into the hole in the bottom of the star.


PS- you could sew this by hand, or glue the stars together too.


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