Reuse a plastic children’s clothing hanger for storage and play

I hate these plastic clothes hangers. I only like the basic triangle ones, in plastic, with no rough edges (if it has a rough edge, use a nail file to smooth it).

But people buy gifts for my kids and the hanger comes with it. In yet another mini-fit of “where the F am I going to put this stuff?” I had an inspiration.

reuse plastic clothes' hanger

reuse plastic clothes’ hanger

The fruit stuffies are my son’s favourites from back when his eyesight first developed and he could look at an Avon catalogue. He LOVES them and their have been plenty of times when only these would soothe him. They’re the type of toy that you drive back 1.5 hours to Grandma’s house to pick up because you forgot it.

The barrel o monkeys is just a toy every kid should have. I’ve been noticing him hanging them from his dresser pulls, then experimenting with hanging objects from them, so we’ll see how much this clothes hanger can teach him about balance.

Basically, you just make a few select cuts, removing the unnecessary plastic so that you can hang toys from it.

cut away the parts marked in red

cut away the parts marked in red

Hang the whole affair from a 3M Command hook if you’re renting the house, or a real hook if you own the place.

Time to go think of something creative for my daughter’s room.

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