Girl’s purple dress made from 3 purple pieces free pattern

Taking my inspiration from Pillows-A-La-Mode, my favourite sewing blogger and my frustration that my daughter wears the same 3 purple tops ALL THE TIME, I decided to do something about it.

One of the dresses was getting worn in places so it was headed to become a shoe bag when I got this idea. One shirt is getting to short and the other dress thing is just annoying me. So I’m putting them all together!

The only instruction I could give you is to cut the pieces you’re going to add on, hem them, then sew them onto the shirt.

Basically what you see is how you put it together.

3 piece purple dress

3 piece purple dress


2 responses

    • No problem, it was a great idea that solved my purple problem. Although, if anyone asks me how I did it I’ll refer them to you because my 5 year old son helped me and he was actually helpful, that’s how lax my sewing skills are.

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