I published a parenting book on Kindle Select

Hello Everyone,

I wrote a short parenting book called “Anna’s Birth, Baby and Toddler Manual” and you can buy it for $2.99 on your Kindle.http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FRZHBFU

Since everybody already knows about wiping babies’ bottoms from front to back, I wrote about the things you might not know, like how to clean a baby’s bottom that is plastered in strawberry seeds (use a cloth smeared with Vaseline so you don’t rub the bottom raw).

Everyone knows it’s important to keep babies clean but did you know that you will absolutely need a detachable shower head on a hose to do that? Imagine a peaceful family day at the beach and all that sand. See why you need the hose?

Everyone knows not to give a teething infant anything they could choke on, but did you know that if you give them a bottle of foaming soap they will QUIETLY dispense the soap on the kitchen floor for an hour and wash it for you?

For the new parent I assure them that having an emergency room chair named after you is perfectly normal although I cover the basics of things that look cataclysmic but aren’t (when in ANY doubt, go to the ER anyway, they’re ok with that). Things like green poo – blueberries.

For the parents of ambulatory, trouble-seeking toddlers, I give many, easy, housecleaning tips and also things to give said toddler to keep him out of trouble for a spell.

I’ve covered everything that isn’t related to your child’s development since there are plenty of great books for that. I’ve covered the extraneous variables of cheap things that will entertain a baby/toddler, what to say to relatives, and what you should be eating (cheesecake if you’re breastfeeding). Check it out!


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