DIY jewellery storage and display tree

diy jewellery tree with free stuff

diy jewellery tree with free stuff

You will use:

2 empty sewing spools

1 black Liberty yogourt lid (large)

1 black Van Houtte Vanilla Hazelnut coffee can lid (small)

1 Tremclad tempered gold spray paint can lid

acrylic paint in the colour of your choice, I used gold


With a hot glue gun and an eye for centering things properly, put the spray paint lid on the bottom. Glue the larger black lid to the spray can lid. Glue a painted spool to the yogourt lid. Glue the coffee can lid to the painted spool. Glue the last painted spool on top.

I put a bracelet around the top spool and the earrings I don’t wear on a regular basis on the bottom “shelf”. As you recall, the rest of my earrings are in the crochet earring dish, check out the post, I give out the free pattern.

Secrets in the picture
Yes, I’m a Trekkie.
The green popsicle stick jewellery box was made by my son this year for Mothers’ Day and I LOVE it because he loves me. I keep my chocolate and bracelets inside. It has a lid but it’s currently open for chocolate access.


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