Declutter sentimental baby clothes you’re saving

Since I had to pull everything back from the wall to let the carpet dry in my basement craft room, I can’t craft in there! I have a small backlog on scrapbooking some pictures that I want to get at, so I thought I would move some of the things into the basement closet under the stairs, just cram it in there for a day or two.

Turns out, it’s already crammed.

The weight bench is in there, taking up half the space, waiting for us to buy a house and get a gym room or gym corner.

The other half of the space are the air mattresses and sleeping bags we slept in for almost a month until the moving truck got here with all our stuff


5 bags and 8 years (combined) of baby clothes

5 bags and 8 years (combined) of baby clothes

Oh no non no no non no. That will simply not do. I was under the impression that I had 2.5 bags, one for each kid and one in the works. How deceived I had been, well, by myself so it doesn’t really count. Still, time to downsize.

As the kids were growing I was already getting rid of clothing, some to my niece, some to my nephew, some to the trash, some to the consignment store in exchange for bigger sized clothing. I kept some (or a lot) because the baby years pass in a blur and all I remember is a little bit of “ahww, how cute” and poop.

Going through the clothes again, some pieces went straight into the trash because the only memory they conjured was sleeplessness and poop.

Some I couldn’t remember my kid wearing or what I wanted to remember with it so there’s a bag’s worth on kijiji. If it hasn’t sold in 1 week, I’m donating it.

1- One bag, per kid for ages 0-5
2- One bag, per kid for ages 5-10
3- One bag, per kid for ages 10- move out because you’re finished high school.

The hard rules
1- The kid had to have lived in that piece of clothing for an extended period of time so the happy, cute fuzzies were properly cemented in long term memory storage.

2- The piece had to be uniquely cute to the kid in question or they did something super memorable in it.

3- The clothing has to be in good enough condition that it could be used by potential grandchildren. Even if the item fit rule(s) 1 and/or 2, if it had an unremovable stain, I threw it out.

4- When you’re all finished, let pass an hour or two then go through all the clothes again.

I hammered in a nail in one of the 2x4s under the stairs, not any load bearing ones; put all the sleeping bags in one of those black bags and hung it up, out of the way.

Put the 2 single sized air mattresses in the other black bag and hung it up too.

Put back the 2 bags of sentimental baby clothes in the see-through, zippered quilt bags.

Took a picture of the baby bathtub we used for the first 6 weeks of each of their lives then threw it out.

I’ve decided I want to keep 2 puffy winter coats for emotional reasons and these take up more space in the bag than a bunch of clothes. This is ok so long as I keep to the One bag per kid rule. The coat is a priority so other things will have to go.

60% of clothing gotten rid of

I have to be careful because my daughter's not 5 yet and this is all the space I can use.

I have to be careful because my daughter’s not 5 yet and this is all the space I can use.


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