My very first blog award!

versatile-blogger-awardThank you so much to Danielle of who nominated me for the “Versatile Blogging Award”. I most definitely accept which means I nominate 15 more, let them know with a comment so they can display the award on their blog and tell you 7 interesting things about myself.

My nominees for versatility in blogging (microbiology) (sewing) (recipes and comedy) (organizing) (decorating) (decorating) (comics) (diy art)

7 interesting things about me

1- I can play the pipe organ. One of my dreams is to become good enough (nearly there) to play in an immense Cathedral or Oratory. It’s more about having permission than being a virtuoso.

2- Tomatoes and whipped cream, as separate entities, not one on top of the other, are my two favourite foods.

3- I’m a Trekkie.

4- I am a very handy person to take camping because I can start a fire anywhere, out of anything and even in medium/heavy rain or on a pile of snow.

5- Christopher Columbus is my hero from recent times. Even if we remove the continent he bumped into from the story (though definitely not from history; his bump changed the world), he basically took three ships full of men, the queen’s jewels and his reputation over what everyone else KNEW was the edge of the world because he BELIEVED it was round and he’d prove it by winding up in India.

6- I wanted to name my children Michael and Gabriel, after the two Archangels but Hubby vetoed it. The kids’ name suit them better than Michael and Gabriel. Probably because my kids aren’t angels.

7- I like big, bangly jewellery. Hubby called it gaudy, but if it’s pretty then it doesn’t matter if it’s big.

4 responses

    • Thanks. My pyrotechnic abilities kind of scare my husband. He jokes that I can make rain water work like gasoline for a fire. There was a swamp where we used to live and I had cut, or sometimes pushed over, all the rotten trees and burned them as well as all kinds of branches and muck that fell over the years. I then dug out the swamp a bit so that it would drain properly or at least flow downward.

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