Declutter your wallet – the plastic

As a sort of follow up to decluttering your coupons, it’s time to go through all the plastic cards in your wallet.

a cluttered and dangerous wallet

a cluttered and dangerous wallet

You will need to keep a piece of I.D., usually a drivers’ license but if you don’t drive then your province (I presume it’s the same in the USA but I’m not sure) has a non-license I.D. you can get. This way if you’re in an accident, they know who you are.

Speaking of accidents, have your provincial or territory health card in your wallet at all times. If you’re a parent, have a copy of your kids’ cards too, or the originals if they’re too young. I made a photocopy of each of the kids’ cards so Hubby would have a set too. I also have a copy of his health card and he mine. In this province the health cards are made of paper so I had them laminated.

Last on the accident front, a laminated piece of paper with emergency contact info and medical information about you.

You need to keep your social insurance number BUT NOT IN YOUR WALLET! This can lead to identity theft. Keep this card safely hidden at home.

Financially speaking, debit and credit cards. I would recommend you go to to get financial information. If you have too many cards this too can lead to identity theft, make it harder to remember to pay them on time and affect your credit score. If you have paid off a card and no longer use it you have to tell the company to CLOSE the account, not just cancel the card. Cancelling the card leaves the account open, which affects your credit score and still leaves you vulnerable to identity theft.

Update who has access to your credit cards. Did you put a boy/girl friend on your account in the past? If they’re now an ex GET THEM OFF THE ACCOUNT!

Reward cards. Oh boy, I dislike these. They take up space and give your personal information to a company to exploit. They also encourage you to buy the more expensive item because you get “points” or whatever. I had a Shoppers’ Drug Mart reward card but then added it up. What I had to spend to save $5 on my next purchase was way more than $5 and I could find all those items for less somewhere else. I got rid of the card.

I do have the get 10 hair cuts get 1 free card because we get haircuts and I like the salon we go to. It’s easy to use because I use it fairly regularly. Don’t sign up on the spot for the store’s card just to save %10 on your first purchase if you’re not going to shop there for another 2 years.

You only need one picture of your family to show people.

Simplify your life and get rid of all these mental distractions of “I think I have a card for that”. Cut them up, slim your wallet.

I threw out a coupon for a free bouquet of roses because that flower shop is at the edge of town and I have no reason to go there ever. Getting the roses would be more hassle than they’re worth.

Since the wallet’s mostly empty, why not wash it? If it’s machine washable that’s even better!

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