Fabric Wall Coverings Tutorial

A little bit of investment at the outset, but almost indispensable if you’re going to be renting for a while. Or if you like to change things frequently. You can use a sheet from a thrift store instead of fabric.

No secrets here, the title pretty much gives it away, I am going to attempt my first tutorial and it is going to be about fabric wall coverings {obviously}. But before I get to the tutorial I  clearly have to drone on a little bit first {it just wouldn’t be a Simply Style blog post without it}.

Awhile back I shared this post about the fabric wall coverings Mr. Nate Berkus inspired me to attempt in our rental.  This was an easy and simple solution to make our temporary home well, more homey!  When we moved into our house I quickly painted every room {but one} and though I knew of other design options like wallpaper and the large scale stencils that are now available, I really stuck to the quick and easy solution by going with paint.  When I shared my fabric wall covering post from our rental it…

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