Reused Boost bottle binoculars

And what did you do today dear?

Among a zillion other things, I made a pair of binoculars out of two empty boost bottles.

Wow, how did you do that, wonderfullest wife in the whole world?

I hack-sawed the bottles’ bottoms off, then ran the edges through the edge of a candle flame to smooth them, then I hot glue gunned the two bottles together.

That is indeed amazing, what you go through to save us money and entertain the kids.

Yeah. I flamed the two bottoms too because they make cute and sturdy little cups for our son’s rock collection.

Oh my most intelligent wife, you do think of everything.

YES I DO! I’M A GENIUS!bottle binocularsThe only problem of course is the two of them arguing over who gets to be Dora or Diego the Explorer until we drink two more Boosts and I made a second pair.


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