Declutter hats, mittens, scarves- the 2 per Rule

Fall is basically that season that isn’t long enough to prepare for winter. Today I hauled out all the hats and mitts from wherever they got stuffed when we moved in for an assessment. Turns out I don’t need to knit anyone anything this year!





The Declutter Rule is 2 per person. So each person gets 2 hats, 2 pairs of mittens (although there can be some leeway on the mittens when it concerns young children), and 2 scarves.
Doesn't fit or doesn't have a mate

Doesn’t fit or doesn’t have a mate

I threw out the matchless mittens but I added the hats to my donation pile.
into the trash

into the trash

While I was at it, I pulled out all my gardening gloves. Since I’m no longer hauling trees out of a swamp to burn and Hubby got me a really nice pair, I didn’t need all these extra ones. They were all dirty, tattered and torn anyway.

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