Reusing to help in the garden

my watering can

my watering can

I position this jug under the drip in the bathtub to keep the water. I have a bucket by the door to collect the water to water the veggies at the end of the day or I just take the watering can to the flowers when it’s full. Oh the cardiovascular workouts.

labeling plants and plots

labeling plants and plots

This is a concentrated can of orange juice lid. I’ve got two labeled “bulbs” in other plots in the garden to I know that there’s something there.

to protect the brussel sprouts

to protect the brussel sprouts

We’re coming into the weather for the brussel sprouts, as it gets cooler they’ll get taller. They need to be protected from the wind but not the sun. I cut the bottom off an empty yogurt container, not even washing it since the milk product contains nutrients which are good for the soil.

an old knife to stake a peony?  pansy?

an old knife to stake a peony? pansy?

Hubby brought a cheap, thrift store, mismatched set of cutlery with him when he drove across the country to use until the moving truck arrived. I thought I’d given the set to our babysitter but I apparently missed one knife. I was going to throw it out but then this little flower, whatever it’s called, needed to be propped up.

Reuse around the garden (2)This is a shelter for ladybugs to hibernate and multiply during the winter. We aren’t in the woods or near any so getting sticks to tie in a bundle for the ladybugs is hard. But the day lilies are done and the lignin in the stalks is getting rather hard. I pulled up all the used stalks and tied those to whatever dowel or stake like thing I had to make my ladybug hotel.


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