Free DIY small desk organization

now the lid opens

now the lid opens

This is an antique child’s school desk that my mother had found when we were kids and repainted. I’ve always coveted it, even though it was given to my sister. When we grew up and moved out nobody wanted it but me. In our old house I used to scrapbook on it because it was the only table I had. Now I’ve got the ironing board.

This desk has become more of a storage and addressing unit. I keep the office supplies inside and the addresses, pens, birthday calender, post-it notes, etc outside. I’ll pause to address and envelope here, or drop a letter I need to read on it.

The BEFORE problem is that there were just a few too many address boxes on it to open the lid properly.

can't open lid properly

can’t open lid properly

I am going to fix this problem with the half of a 2L chocolate milk carton.

I covered the carton with striped, purple scrapbook paper, making sure all the stripes pointed in the correct direction. Then I glued my address file box, which I completely made myself a few years ago, on top.

can now open lid and access everything

can now open lid and access everything

I also made the repurposed ice cube tray pencil and doodad holder a few years ago too.

When we bought the house there was an aluminum ice cube tray in the freezer. It was a two part thing, the dish and the divider of cubes. I am against aluminum in food preparation so I threw out the divider since it was sharp and I couldn’t think of anything it would be useful for, but I kept the dish and glued on three empty, single serving applesauce containers to hold erasers, pencil sharpeners, etc.

This project wasn’t a case of decluttering, just a case of necessary things not being organized properly.


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