Repurpose little casserole dish

When we bought our casserole dish, basically just for scalloped potatoes, it came with in a set of large, medium and small dishes with lids for oven and lids for fridge leftovers. Depending on the amount of potatoes we need, guests or not, we either use the large one or the medium one. The small one never gets used.

The small casserole dish would be for crème brulée, or an impressive quiche, neither of which is something we’ll make while we have small children. So the little dish sat in the Tupperware cupboard, holding the lids of my individually portioned homemade ice cream containers.

The last thing that needed an upgrade on my sweetly organized kitchen countertops were the coffee filters which were sitting there, in their original plastic bag. I googled “crochet coffee filter basket” and came up with exactly nothing.

Then my brain did that extra little bit of thinking without my conscious knowledge and “Eureka!”, the coffee filters are now in the little white casserole dish!

repurpose the little casserole dish

repurpose the little casserole dish

Of course that got me to consciously thinking of other things the little casserole dish could be used for.

-rolled up face cloths in the washroom

-perfume bottles

-it’s not tall enough for pencils but it could hold crayons

-it could have continued corralling the empty yogurt container lids in the Tupperware cupboard but it makes my kitchen countertops look polished and finished.

-keys by the door

-pennies and rocks by the washing machine

-a centerpiece for very short stemmed flowers

-if you still have the lid, homemade play dough for the kids


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