Declutter clothes and accessories-The Date rule

6 months. If you haven’t worn it in 6 consecutive months, throw it out. That applies to clothing, jewellery and outerwear like coats and scarves. Obviously the 6 months for outerwear have to span winter.

stock photo, but I can dream

stock photo, but I can dream

In my case it was 8 months for the last lot of it. We moved here in January of 2013. It’s August. That’s 8 months. I’ve thrown out or donated within that time frame, things I wondered why I bothered to pack and didn’t want to pack again but now I was down to the last of it.

The nice, comfortable, washable white shirt. The flattering, professional, pink, knit tank top. The 4 necklaces. A few pairs of earrings. Things like that. Things I could wear, things I like, things that look nice on me, things that are wearable.

But things that have not been worn in 8 months.

I donated the clothing this morning to the Value Village which supports the Diabetes Association. I am putting the jewellery on kijiji for a week then donating it too. They aren’t precious metals by any means, just costume jewellery, but still, my first venture into looking like an adult who knows what she’s doing.

Clearly I am achieving that deception with different jewellery and clothing.

So for you who is not moving, which is a rather large physical marker of time, I suggest labels. Print a sheet of paper with as many lines as possible that say “February 19, 2014” in Arial 16 bold. That’s 6 months from now and includes all the important clothing seasons: hot, warm, cool and cold.. Cut out your labels, punch a hole in the side of each and tie/twist tie it to the piece of jewellery or clothing hanger. Not just the things you “think” you might not wear, EVERYTHING. You’ll surprise yourself, trust me.

Go about your daily life. If you wear it, remove the tag. If not, somebody or a trash can is getting a donation in February.


2 responses

    • For the clothing, put the label where it can’t be seen or it might trick you into wearing something just so you can justify keeping it.

      I do this for my son but my daughter is very vocal about what she likes and doesn’t like so there is nothing in her drawers that she doesn’t wear.

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