Increase storage in your refrigerator crisper drawers

I was inspired by a post on this blog although I can’t find the actual one with the picture.

The first problem with the crisper drawers is that they get dirty quickly. This is a small problem, just put them in the dishwasher.

The second problem, the one we care about is that it’s a big drawer you shove stuff into. No dividers, no see-through storage. The stuff on the bottom gets forgotten because you don’t see it, or it gets squashed by the stuff on top.

What is it?

mystery crisper drawer

mystery crisper drawer

Hubby does the grocery shopping, so I am less informed about what we have to eat in this house. Balling it up in a grocery bag doesn’t help either. Deductive reasoning tells me it’s onions because they shed their flaky skin and make a mess of the drawer.

They are onions!

half a 4L milk jug

half a 4L milk jug

I cut the bottom off a milk jug, washed it and put the onions in it. FYI, I washed it in the dishwasher. I don’t have to worry about the plastic cracking because, as a milk jug, it’s designed to be fridge temperature safe.

Extra storage

visible storage, a divided drawer is a useful drawer

visible storage, a divided drawer is a useful drawer

Now that the onions are visible, contained and corralled, creating extra space, I put the lettuce head in the drawer too. We can see both vegetables, the lettuce won’t roll to the back of the fridge and be forgotten and there’s more space on the pre-lettuce shelf for leftovers.

If you can see all the food in the fridge, then you’ll eat it, not let it spoil. There should be a Commandment against throwing out food.


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