DIY easy indoor tent for kids

This is a re-post with add-on because I have improved upon the original. I need to share it with you since it significantly reduces (possibly eliminates) screaming, whining and bitching from your kids regarding tent malfunctions.

Here is the original, with the instructions and supply list:

Here’s what I made:

diy indoor play tent

diy indoor play tent

I bought enough wood ($30 at Home Depot) to make 2 since my kids would rather die than share. The ugly tablecloth wasn’t long enough to make a tent so I extended it at the bottom with some leftover sheet from the curtains I had made for my daughter’s room (there’s a blog post on that project too).

*Note. I highly recommend drilling a pilot hole before using the spade drill bit.

*Basically, a sheet is the right size to make a tent cover and you’ll only need to hem one side! Either use a sheet from the collection of bedding people gave you for your wedding or go to the thrift store and buy one for $1.50.

Here’s how I improved it:

a bolt through every dowel end

a bolt through every dowel end

I had the idea in my mind for many a moons that I needed to put some kind of pin through the end of all the dowels so they couldn’t slip out of the wooden A frame and cause consternation and catastrophe for my children and myself. After organizing the tools a few blogs ago, I remembered the ziploc bag of bolts and thought Eureka!

My husband was pretty impressed with the super labeled and organized tool boxes. Not only do I manage the money, but I can manage the tools and use a drill. I believe that makes me sexy.

Anywhoo, I selected the correct drill bits (I have different sized bolts), drilled holes and ratcheted the bolts into place. No more tent coming apart, no more moaning, nor more screaming for Mommy. That’s what, 2-3 days after decluttering the tools that the things got used? See, if you’re organized then you know what you have so solutions come quickly and you use up what you have.


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