Declutter coupons

too many coupons

too many coupons

We’ve all heard the one about the person who wastes $1.30 of gas to drive across town to save $0.15 on frozen vegetables just because they have a coupon.

Do you do that?

Do you factor in how much time you’ve lost for the drive too? How much is your time worth? Even though I’m a stay at home mother and don’t receive a regular paycheque, I measure my time by the career I had before we had children. The base pay is $25/hr so that’s what my time is worth.

Today Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be decluttering coupons.

It seems all so deliciously easy, it’s practically money right? Not if you don’t include high end tofu “chicken” breasts as part of your daily life. But I have a coupon… doesn’t mean you’re going to buy it and doesn’t mean you SHOULD buy it. Save $0.50 on a $9 2 pack of tofu breasts you would never ever buy anyway and you’ve actually wasted $8.50.

Has it expired? Throw it out.

Are you being conned into spending MORE money? Pampers and Huggies are the brand name diapers and every store has their own generic brand that costs less. If you only care about the price of the diapers then a $3 coupon for 34 Pampers at $23.99 still doesn’t beat 34 generic diapers for $18.99. You just spent $2 MORE because you had a coupon.

There is also the unit price to consider and diapers are still an excellent example for that. A pack of 34 Pampers for $23.99 is $0.70 per diaper. So the jumbo generic pack of 60 diapers for $47.99 is cheaper right? Nope. $0.80 per diaper. And that’s without the coupon.

Do you have storage space for it?
So your children eat a box of chicken fingers per week and you have a super duper coupon of buy 1 get 2 free. But you had an identical coupon 3 months ago, your freezer is tiny and already full of chicken fingers. If you use this current coupon you’ll have 3 boxes of perishable chicken and wasted $6.99.

Dammit I had a buy 1 get 2 free coupon for chicken fingers and I left it at home so now I only have 1 box of chicken fingers and I had room in the freezer for 3. Tape the coupon to the grocery list, $20 bill or debit card and beside “chicken fingers” written on the list, add “you have a coupon for this”. This is very relevant of one spouse makes the list and the other does the shopping.

SOMEONE could use this if not me. Really? Do you know this someone by name or are you just going to mail it to your sister in law and clutter up her wallet coupon slot? Tape the coupon(s) to the side of the local mail box or if there’s a local post office, pin it to the bulletin board. Honestly though, just throw it out.

It might be thin clutter, but it’s clutter just the same and it throws extra data into your brain that just might be irrelevant.


3 responses

  1. I agree with you completely on this. However, when it comes to diapers, I am brand loyal. I used cloth diapers for awhile, but then had to switch to disposable. Pampers work best for our brood.

    The other thing that drives me nuts is that most coupons are for subpar food. Not anything I would eat or serve to my family. Just because I have a coupon for dinosaur shaped ‘chicken’ nuggets, doesn’t mean I will buy them.

    • Yup. A coupon is just a worm on a hook to get your money.

      There’s nothing wrong with being brand loyal, in fact I seek it. One brand that will always work so I don’t have to keep being aggravated and switching. I like Huggies.

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