DIY free scrapbook shelving

Assuming you’re currently storing you scrapbooking things in their original boxes spread out all over your crafting room.
Ta Da!

I pulled my 12x12 cardstock sheets out so you could see how they're stored.

I pulled my 12×12 cardstock sheets out so you could see how they’re stored.

This is what I started with:
one empty Avon box
one shipping box with 2 scrapbooks in it
two scrapbook box halves with paper, etc in them (currently on top of my other stackable units).

These boxes of SB stuff just float around the room, landing on whatever surface is nearby and moderately handy. That is not a home. They need to go BACK somewhere at the end of the day so I can call my craft room TIDY.

sewing machine to the right

sewing machine to the right

This is the shelving unit, originally to fit over a toilet, that I keep my SB supplies on, in or around. My sewing machine is on the filing cabinet and more files, sewing stuff and envelopes are stored where a toilet would go. Time to maximize the shelving space.

The Support Unit

Cut to fit

Cut to fit

I cut the lid off the box and 3 inches off the top so I could slide it onto a shelf. Because of the way the box is made, I cut down the middle of the front part, leaving two closing “doors”.

What happened next
My father gave me a SB kit and the bottom half of the box is quite sturdy while the top half is flimsy.

I cut one side out of the sturdy half, flipped it upside down and put it in the support unit. Under it I filed various paper packs and templates in 12×12 SB bags.

I set the flimsy one down on top of the sturdy one. The flimsy one contains accents; ribbon, paper scraps, etc.

9x12 addition

9×12 addition

For the 9×11 cardstock I have, some more templates and pretty paper, I put them in this empty cereal box, cut to look like one of those magazine holder thingies.

all together now

all together now

The scrapbooks have been filed on the floor in between the filing cabinet and the shelving unit.

The top of the file boxes contains one see through container (doggie bag from restaurant) with all my sewing extras like zippers and empty bobbins; and a card project I’ve currently got on the go.

In the end I didn’t like the “door” idea on the box so I cut them off. At a later date when I don’t have 300 things to knit, I’ll decorate these boxes. For now, they’re functional and the room is heading towards being an organized craft room.

One day later…
I put the card project in an empty aluminum tray and I slid my SB magazines on the shelf on the left side of the box.


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