Organize bathroom countertop for free …or one cheap plate

Organized! (After)

organized bathroom counter top, functional for a family with toddlers

organized bathroom counter top, functional for a family with toddlers

The cheap plate I’m referring to in the title is on the lower left corner of the counter top. Sadly, I did not already own this somewhere in my “it might come in handy” collection and I did have to buy it. I got 6 of them from Avon for $6.99. I’ve got another one on the kitchen sink to hold all the brushes and sink plug, but that’s another story.

this is what we've got to work with/against

this is what we’ve got to work with/against

“Holy toothpaste Batman, what happened here?!?”

The two washcloths in the painted clay pot went into the washcloth basket, a little to the right and out of sight of the photo but on top of the toilet and right beside the shower. These cloths were for the wee one’s faces, but why should they be special? Their face cloths can go with the rest of them.

The clay pot was removed to a display ledge at the top of the stairs to hold and hide the extra strong moisturizing cream my kids need. If I see it front and center after I’ve left their rooms to kiss them goodnight, then I remember to come back and hydrate them.

I added my second crochet box.

The soap came out of the cheap appetizer dish I bought at a super sale at Zellers 10 years ago (it’s been coming in handy ever since. I knew it would when I bought it or I wouldn’t have spent the money) and into an actual soap dish. That soap dish used to be for the bar of soap in the kitchen, but that bar disintegrated into shards and got turned into liquid soap in a pump dispenser.

Well, you know what the two crochet boxes are for.

The kids’ toothbrushes and special fluoride free toothpaste were put on the cheap appetizer dish on the other side of the sink from my toothbrush and paste. That way they won’t “accidentally” play with my toothpaste.

I reclaimed toothpaste for Hubby and myself using this technique

The four toothpastes in the bulk pack that Hubby put on the counter were put away. Not “oh shit, where can I cram these?” away, but “THEY FREAKIN’ BELONG IN THE TOWEL CLOSET, THE LITERAL WALL THEY ARE LEANING UP AGAINST” away.

Hubby’s sampling of deodorants went onto the cheap plate along with his broken mug toothbrush holder. I removed the travel size mouthwash bottle from the mug and put it in his travel bag (in the towel closet, we each have our own shelf to boot!). This made space for his toothpaste tube in the mug.

The mouthwash. I bought these 3 little glass apothecary bottles when I was 13 and going to yard sales on my bicycle. I loved them, so medieval potion like. They’ve been useful over the years, holding beads, home dried herbs, but they’ve never been so prominent like they deserve. And they’re labeled “mouthwash”.

I updated a mini-flower vase cup with glue and food colouring to become my toothbrush holder: how to

I just heard one of my “napping” kids go pee and exclaim “ooooh” at the nice, organized counter top. They can still brush their teeth all by themselves, Hubby doesn’t have to wonder where all his stuff is, he can still dump it exactly where he found it. It isn’t a dream bathroom for adults only (yet). But it sure is nice!


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