How to declutter sentimental things you’ve inherited (part of my basement challenge, Week 3)

So far, this has been the Chemistry declutter week which was a bit hard on me. My grandfather was a scientist and left a lot of his chemistry equipment to me. I had donated the very complex organic chemistry things to a university and some Nuns who have clinics in Africa as well as some regular items to my old high school before we moved. Now I had to go through the rest.

This is where it really hurt because there wasn’t much left of the inheritance and I miss him. But keeping his things doesn’t mean I’m keeping him. He’s gone to Heaven and I’m not going to use the precision scale. The local college can though and that will help future generations of this city to learn and become productive members of society. I kept the glassware; flasks, beakers, test tubes and volumetric flasks that I’ll actually use to do experiments with my kids. The simpler, extra glassware I’m donating to my son and daughter’s school.

I was VERY honest with myself about how much I should keep, despite the guilt, the urge to think that my grandfather isn’t really gone because there are heavy anchors of him in my basement. But no anchor on Earth can hold a soul and he and God want me to be happy.

I’ve now got one blue tub for all the glassware (VERY VERY LABELED) I’m keeping and a few pieces on the window ledge for personalized decoration. I also found a box of generic dishes among the glassware but since I couldn’t guarantee that they hadn’t been used for lab work, I threw the box out.

hinged lid, very labeled

hinged lid, very labeled

I’ve also been keeping a travel journal of sorts of where the chemistry equipment has gone and to whom. It’s doing good in the world.

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  1. I understand the sentiment part. I even have a scrap of paper that my mother wrote a short prayer on, as a book mark in my Halley’s Bible Handbook. I look at it every day!

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