How to organize a kitchen countertop for free!

We’ve broadened our selection of morning coffees so there were bags and cans and a giant sugar container all over the place. Oh yeah, Hubby works 12 hour shifts so he needs Gatorade to stay hydrated. We couldn’t use the counter top for food preparation. That had to change.

how to organize kitchen countertop on a budget of $0

how to organize kitchen countertop on a budget of $0

One empty mason jar for my vanilla hazelnut coffee
One empty grocery store jam jar for Hubby’s arabica coffee
One empty blueberry juice glass jar for the Gatorade
One empty clear plastic jumbo mayonnaise jar for the regular coffee

some decorated with stickers my daughter coloured

all labeled, labels at the same level,

and beside the repurposed flower vase for the dishwasher detergent pods.

I have an official label maker but if you don’t, paper and clear tape works just as well.

PS-the mayo container is large enough to hold almost all the coffee from a giant coffee can

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  1. Great! I love organizing things as much as you do. And like you, I love organization bins and things, but not the price. I’d much rather reuse what I have instead of creating more waste. Kudos to you. (I’m checking in from Pillows-a-la-mode and now following you.)

    • Thanks, nice to have you on board, and your blog is very pretty.

      It’s not just the price that bugs me, although that’s the #1 concern, the shapes are usually not quite right for ANYTHING. That’s why I end up making things myself, or modifying something bought for cheap.

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