Reuse pants into shorts

Mostly I make shoe storage bags out of the legs, just cut to size, cut, turn inside out, sew the raw end shut, turn right side out and you have a pre-hemmed bag ready to go.

I also made a mystery bag out of half a pant leg of my old blue plaid pyjama pants and put a few toys in it while the kids were sleeping; a train, clothespin, smooth pebble, knit egg, etc. I had the kids stick their arm in then held the bag shut around their arm so they couldn’t see inside it and asked them to find an item by feel.

You can make shorts from the top part of the pants if they aren`t too worn out. I`ve already written a blog about that but here it is again.

After 20 years of service, one of my two pairs of shorts needed to be retired. Yes, that’s right, I only have 2 pairs of shorts due to the apparently not so common ratio of butt size to leg length that I have. A neighbour’s daughter had passed them on to me when I was a teen and I’ve worn them ever since. They’re a bit short so when this pair started to fall apart at the bottom there wasn’t much to do. Then Eureka! My bathing suits have been falling apart too and I could use a new one. So I picked out the hem in the shorts, cut off the shredded material, put in a new hem and voila! a new bathing suit bottom. Then I turned a pair of gardening pants into shorts thusly:

You can do the same with jeans and outgrown children’s pants that aren’t quite right and turn them into shorts. For women’s shorts (not sure if the same is true for men’s, I’ve never made a pair) cut the bottom hem in a slight V, A VERY SLIGHT V. My guess is that this has something to do with hip clearance. If you have no idea what I mean, you’ll probably see it when you lay your previous pair of shorts on top of the pants you’re going to shorten.

My favourite pair of capris are actually a former pair of girl’s pants that I found at a discount store. I have not yet met a woman who can go into a store and find pants that fit, something to do with our legs not being the right length for our hips (says who? I have hips, I have legs, make some damn pants that fit!). In this case I had been on a forage for pants at a Value Village and found these beautiful ones in the girls’ section. They fit everywhere except for the legs (too short obviously) so I cut them up a bit higher and sewed in a hem. Voila, capris!


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