Repurpose coffee mugs

One of the things I am really looking forward to as a mother is starting my collection of “#1 Mom” coffee mugs. Since my kids are still too young to buy me Mothers’ Day gifts, I bought myself this angel mug:

Sadly my son got a hold of it one day and that resulted in the three chips in the top rim. Nonplussed I moved it to the bedroom dresser to hold my makeup brushes. Powder brush on the left, to add a light dusting of bronzing powder to the face to warm up the complexion; blush brush (both from mark. Technically I sell the stuff, but mostly I just buy it) on the right to delicately place blush on the apples of my cheeks. Honestly, I am surprised by how essential these brushes are to the whole made up effect. I bought a kabuki brush too, but it’s not actually good for anything.

Yes my brush cup is resting on a hand towel but my sister monogrammed it with my initial and some fantasy dragons. This way it’s getting used but not dirty.

Hubby had a green, funny face coffee mug that our son (again) dropped on the floor and the handle broke off. I relocated the cup Hubby didn’t want to throw away to the bathroom to hold his toothbrush and toothpaste.

I grew a delicate orchid in a bunny shaped mug (those things are so hard to CLEAN).

We’ve got a promotional NSCC travel coffee mug on our little kitchen island to hold the drinking straws for the kids.

There’s an ugly mug on the computer table to hold the pens and pencils.

Extra glasses make excellent impromptu flower vases.

If you don’t care about the mug breaking, put bubble mix in it and send the kids outside to blow bubbles. They may start digging with the cups after.

Grow a herb garden on a kitchen window sill.

The kids like to snack on marshmallows occasionally so I put a bunch in an insulated, travel, coffee mug with lid on the island counter beside the straws. Then I printed a picture of a marshmallow to tape to the container so they’d know what’s in it.

If you don’t have little ones or husbands who’ll eat the whole lot, put tasty candies in a mug on a coffee table.


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