How to keep the duvet from moving around inside the duvet cover

So far the only thing I’ve used duvet covers for was to buy an amply sized cotton one at the thrift store for $5 and use the material to make things, usually curtains. This time, I found a nice one and I’m going to use it as a duvet cover!

We’re renting this house so t’aint much I can do about the colour of the walls, which in the bedroom are something we’ll call green. While at Value Village looking for a raincoat for my daughter and big bags of balls of yarn for $3, we stumbled through the duvet aisle. There was a lovely 300 thread count cotton one, green, with tasteful leaf motif. I bought it.

Now I’m not putting my huge winter feather duvet in it, it’s summer! But the AC does work so our bedroom is a nice, cool, comfortable place to snooze. I’ve got my summer quilt (not exactly pretty, but sentimental) but it’s missing just a bit of weight to warm me up for sleep. So I put it inside the duvet cover, where, as my prodigious brain tells me, it will wibble and wobble all over the place, winding up in a ball on one side and annoying the piss out of me.

Enter the safety pins from the cloth diapering days.

duvet holders too

duvet holders too

They’re super sturdy, super stay shut and super won’t poke you. Don’t worry, I washed them extensively after their diapering days. I took two and pinned through the duvet cover and quilt in the two top corners, thus holding the quilt in place. If it ever wiggles to one side, I just lift the cover by the pinned corners and give a shake to realign it all.

You could sew a few darts through the quilt to hold it all in place too. I didn’t do that because come winter I want to be able to switch the inner quilt to the thick one.

Last night my sleep was very cozy. And the bedspread now matches the walls which soothes the whole tone of the room. I’ll have to go back to the thrift store to get another green sheet to make matching pillow cases. Or even turn a green table cloth into a few small table runners for the dressers.

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