How to soothe bug bites and chicken pox naturally with matchless socks and oatmeal

The mosquitoes have been particularly attracted to my daughter this year so the poor thing is covered in huge, itchy bumps. Since she’s also got plenty of icing in her hair from yesterday’s birthday party, it’s bath time!

anti itch

anti itch

To soothe her itchy skin I filled the toes of a matchless sock with dry, quick cooking oatmeal (about two handfuls) and knotted the sock shut. I tossed it under the running water in the tub and encouraged her to squish it around the water and on herself.

When the bath is over you throw the soggy sock in the trash and have one less matchless sock and one less itchy kid.

You can also dab a bug bite with vinegar to neutralize the poison that makes it itch, but I couldn’t bring myself to make her bumps sting, even a smidge, just to itch less later. She wouldn’t have understood. I would have cried.

This set up also works excellently for chicken pox, soak the kid twice a day. When our son was one, he had the chicken pox. We’d dunk him every time he threatened to scratch and the oatmeal bath stopped him.

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