Natural weed removal: it’s a screwdriver. You can eat the dandelions.

Weed Removal

weed removal tool

weed removal tool

It’s labour intensive, but take a screwdriver (the pointier, the better), stab it down in the ground right beside the weed, wiggle it around to loosen the roots so you can pull out the weed, root and all. I’ve got thistles all over this lawn so I do this once a week.

You can eat dandelions; the leaves in salad, rich in iron and fiber; the heads in wine (google it), or steeped in tea to clear your complexion (or so I read in my herb book, I haven’t tried it), you can roast the roots and they’ll taste nutty (google it); just make sure you don’t use the dandelions that grew near a road (exhaust, dog pee or worse) or any that may have pesticide on them.


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